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Robert Rainbow (RAINBOW) began his photography career around the age of 12 or so with a point and shoot camera giving the young artist his first outlet as a creative. In college, he majored in architectural design and minored in art, and segued into a career admiring the complexities and nuances of buildings and all its accouterments as a real estate agent, investor and expert.

Today, Robert Rainbow (RAINBOW) is a fine art, fitness, real estate, lifestyle and fashion photographer and photo journalist and the brilliance behind Authentic Beauty’s Spring 2016 Makeup Collection, Precious Gems, and a teacher and expert on lighting, posing and the emotions in photos with workshops he offers at his studio. He’s the owner and namesake of Robert Rainbow Photography ( Most call him RAINBOW) and Co-Owner of Map Studio, LLC.

Make A Statement Without Saying A Word

While some people take a paint brush, others take a pen, Robert Rainbow  (RAINBOW) takes his camera and expresses emotion through his photos. His subjects include fitness, fine art, nudes, boudoir, bodyscapes, photo journalism, and photo journalistic wedding photography, shape and lightning and how they mix and mingle, interiors, buildings and real estate and architecture all over the world.

And in his words, “I like the challenge of every meaning, of every structure and subject. It is all a stunning, complex and gorgeous puzzle.”

A Storyteller With His Camera Robert Rainbow (RAINBOW) is a storyteller with a camera. He tells a story and asks you the why of why you are there, what you want to create and what’s the narrative you want him to create. Prime example, he was doing some engagement photos and the bride said, ‘I just want pretty pictures.’ But Robert wanted to articulate their story with each photo he took. And so, over time, they told him their story. “They met at a bar. Their favorite thing to do was to go to microbreweries.

They liked to taste different beers. They collected unique beer bottles, “ Robert said. “So, we did a series of photos of them and their beer bottles on a bridge with different patterns and labels and how two beer aficionados met and found their taste and love for each other.”

And this is just a small vignette of a large man who excels at finding the uniqueness of each subject’s story.

Robert Rainbow Photography & MAP Studio, LLC with partner Paul Columbo.

Phone: 678 870 4101

Studio: 1590 North Roberts Road Suite 303 Kennesaw Ga. 30144.

Websites: &



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