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Hey there, My name is Robert Rainbow and I'm a editorial, lifestyle portrait, fitness and commercial photographer based in Atlanta.  Also on another note I do  weddings and special (elopements) moments.

My photography approach is a visual medium for telling stories. My goal is to capture a simple narration in a still photograph. If I simply don't feel anything from that photo, I will move on to the next one. I don't push it to make it happen, I just wait to see what happens for moment. Everything started with my passion for creativity as a child, from landscape and architecture. The simple beauty of sunset/sunrises and the rigid and clean lines of beautiful structure of a home or a skyscraper.  Lately I have been gravitated towards portraiture because of the challenges in capturing real and genuine from each subject. As a photographer I want to capture spontaneous and the fragile human behavior, a moment of vulnerability in time. The visual  poetry that is created  with my images is in hopes that you are transported to feel something familiar that is all yours.  

“I like the challenge of every meaning, of every structure and subject. It is all a stunning, complex and gorgeous puzzle.”

And this is just a small vignette of a large man who excels at finding the uniqueness of each subject’s story.

Robert Rainbow Photography 

Freelance Editorial Photographer



Facebook: rainbowsphotos

Instagram: portraits_by_rainbow

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