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**All packages can be customized a little to fit your budget. We also have a payment plan for certain photo plans on customized packages.**

I recommend that we do meet about what you want and what you expect so we can be on the same page when it comes to your photo shoot. This helps me to understand your vision and perhaps I could even add to it. Then we schedule a time and a place. I have portable background equipment suitable for indoor work should a background be needed, but most people prefer the intimate settings of their own home, or outdoor settings like a park. The choice is yours as I will travel anywhere within the Atlanta area and outside the Atlanta are but will reflect additional cost for travel.

What should I wear to my photoshoot?

I get asked this question a lot and so here are some suggestions regarding clothing and what to bring to the photo shoot. First I will start with some general suggestions and then go into a little more detail specific to the type of shoot you are considering:

What to Avoid:

Bright yellows, reds and oranges (they battle the subjects face for attention) and the camera will readily pick up the reflected light and render skin tone with a color cast. Avoid clothing containing logos, slogans, or other distractions. Bold stripes, large designs and polka dots stand out and tend to draw attention from the portrait’s subject.

Avoid short sleeved tops or shorts. When arms and legs are exposed and there’s lots of skin visible, it can be a distraction from the main focal point of the photo – the face.

What To Wear:

I like white long sleeved tops and blue jeans. This combination works very well with the white background. Black tops can also work well with a white background but this is a high contrast and leads to photographs with a very different style. Also consider wearing a top that has an interesting collar and/or sleeves. A top that has interesting textures (e.g. a sweater) can also add depth and richness to an image. If you will have more than one change of clothing for your session then consider bringing a variety of necklines, textures, colors, and undergarments to achieve a wide variety of looks. Stick to solids and subtle patterns.


Simple and elegant is the advice when selecting jewelry for a portrait. The same applies for any other accessories that you wish to have included in your portrait.

What to bring?

A comb or brush and hair-spray if you use it. A light face powder to reduce any shine on your face that may build up during your shoot. For gents (or women who prefer not to wear much or any makeup), bring a lip balm. Dry lips don’t show well in photos and so a non-shiny, non-waxy, none colored lip balm is essential. Avoid chap sticks, as they tend to leave a white residue. If you normally wear makeup, bring it with you but avoid high gloss lipsticks or very shiny lip gloss. Often they look too unnatural and reflect too much light in photos.

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