There are lots of clothing options for a maternity portrait each can be used with different lighting and backdrop styles: White blouse, with lace cuffs with a few buttons fastened and your bump on show, this works really well with a white backdrop. Cropped top and casual trousers/tracksuit bottoms in a dark color; this can be effective with either a white or black backdrop.

When using the black background moody lighting is used to add shadows and depth to your portrait. Wearing some pretty lingerie. You can go for the bright and happy look, you looking beautiful and confident against a white background. Nude, posed beautifully to show just what you want to show; relaxed, warm and comfortable. Wrapped in a sheet, just below your bump. (White or black – to match the background). Since your bump will be exposed, it is important that, for a couple of hours before the shoot, you don’t wear any tightly fitting clothes across it (we don’t want any marks left by waist bands etc), likewise for any other areas that are likely to be exposed.

We can do locations like your home or another location that you might have in mind.  

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